Adventure Experience Gifts

If you go down to the woods today you´re sure of a big surprise!

Whether it is Paintballing, Laser Combat games or Segway Safaris, the woods of the South West are alive with some terrific adventure days which are sure to satisfy.

And it´s not just in the forests you will find adventure. Beaches, cliffs, coastal paths and farms all play host to some seriously fun outbound activities just waiting to be enjoyed by the discerning thrill seeker.

Paintballing has been a firm favourite with individuals, groups, hen & stag do´s and corporate events for many years and there are many, many locations available but just outside Bristol is a centre like no other. Here you can come along for either a day or half a day and play some of the best and most varied games available within their superb woodland settings. Each combatant receives a complimentary 100 free paint balls, and get this - lunch is even included if you go for the full day option! Pulse Ranger Laser Combat is a high tech version of paintballing - but without the bruises!

Segway Adventures are another fun way to explore the forests. Learn how these futuristic machines operate with a quick lesson in balance before heading out on a delightful guided safari through some of Devon´s most beautiful woodland.

If you fancy an adrenaline rush with a difference - and don´t mind getting wet - then you definitely need to have a go at Coasteering. This is a hugely popular coastal activity which will have you clambering over rocks, jumping off cliffs into deep lagoons, exploring caves and riding waves into underwater caverns. Join a group led by highly experienced coasteerers along any number of North Devon & North Cornwall locations. Coasteering experiences include full safety equipment and guidance.

The whole concept of adventure experiences is very subjective. What one calls an adventure another would call a sport. For that reason the South West also offers many Adventure Sports such as skydiving where you can choose either a tandem jump where you are strapped to an instructor before jumping out of the plane from 10,000 feet or a free fall jump where you will, undergo full training before jumping alone but in the company of two highly experienced instructors.

Other adventure sports include Kite Buggying, Blokart Land Yachting and Kite Surfing. Each activity involves harnessing the wind on either land or sea to achieve the ultimate rush. Locations throughout Devon & Cornwall are varied and it very much depends on the wind you have on the day. Guided Bike Ride adventures through some of Cornwall´s most stunning and demanding countryside is another popular activity.

If you fancy motorised adventures then you will definitely enjoy a day 4x4 Off Roading with some of the very best centres in the country located in the South West. Quad Bike safaris are another firm favourite with excellent 12 - 15 mile woodland or farmland adventures available.

You could even hire a TVR Tuscan supercar for a day and create your own adventure exploring the beautiful hills, valleys and open ruggedness of Exmoor National Park.

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