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South West England offers a truly excellent range of driving experience days, from mud churning off roading thrills to superfast track days where you get to drive some of the meanest muscle cars around.

As you might expect with the extremely rural west country, Landrovers are everywhere so what better place to get down to the farm than this stunning corner of England to see what these 4x4 offroading brutes are really capable of? Off road experiences start with a short but highly intensive 30 minute blast across open countryside where you will find yourself at the wheel the whole time alongside an experienced guide. You get to drive down insanely steep muddy hills, negotiate hairpin tracks, splash through rivers and blast through more muddy puddles than you can imagine. Longer experiences are also available including half day and full day experiences for individuals as well as couples, often with lunch included in the very reasonable prices.

For those without a driving licence or who just want a bit more muddy fun with a difference you can try your hand at Quad Biking. Now you need to understand that these are not round and round you go circuits you might find at the seaside. Instead you will be going out along 12 miles of woodland or rugged farmland on hour long Quad safaris. These are totally full on machines with big powerful engines that require good control to traverse steep muddy hills and blast across open meadows as you tear up the fields and wooded tracks along the way.

Another highly enjoyable and very popular driving activity is a TVR Experience Day suitable for either individuals or couples. Choose either the guided experience day or go for an open road freedom day. The former option will see you sharing 3 different TVR sports cars, representing 3 decades of quality British motoring, with other couples as you follow a pre-designated route across Exmoor National Park. As the name suggests the second option will give you control of a mighty TVR Tuscan for the whole day to come and go as you please. This car is capable of 0 - 60 in just 3.6 seconds putting it definitely in Super Car territory!

If racing track days is more your thing then you will not be disappointed with what´s on offer In the west country. Whether you are looking for a white knuckled passenger thrill ride in a Ferrari Modena or fancy taking the wheel of a Lotus Esprit or Formula Ford racing car then the choices are yours for the taking. You can even have a go at a Go-Kart Grand Prix. These are not the seaside chug-alongs you find, these are fast and fully race prepared karts the likes of which David Coulthard started his career driving.

And then let´s not forget the rally driving experiences on offer. Have you ever wondered what it would be like behind the wheel of a fully race prepared Subaru Rally Car would be like? Well now´s your chance.


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