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With the South West of England being the holiday capital of the country it is little wonder that so many children´s activities and fun things to do with the kids exist. Everybody enjoys spending time with the family on the beautiful beaches of Devon & Cornwall in the summer and when the weather turns cooler then there are an abundance of theme parks, arcades and zoos to enjoy.

However, with just a little imagination it is possible to seek some absolutely superb alternative activities for your little bundles of joy which will spark their interest and enthusiasm in ways a merry-go-round, roller-coasters or penny-slot-machines never could. 

Take for instance a junior surfing lesson. This 2 hour experience in South Devon will see your child getting involved with a small group where all the children will be at the same level. Confidence is very much on the agenda as they are taught beach safety as well as basic surfing knowledge. They will soon be catching their own waves and feeling totally ‘stoked´!

Sticking to a watery theme, sailing has very much been on the countries radar recently, particularly following the phenomenal successes of our Olympic and Paralympic sailing teams at the last two games. Totally inspirational to youngsters, any kind of sailing experience is sure to be a great hit. A Sailing Taster Session on the south coast of Devon is a perfect location to learn sailing; Beautiful scenery, sheltered waters, great winds and superb RYA recognised sailing schools offering a whole range of courses.

Family Zap Cat experiences are an absolute thrill for those who like a bit of speed and excitement. Totally suitable for children, these experiences, which take place in South Cornwall, involve small powerboats which dash along the beach, jumping waves and generally giving you all an absolute hoot of a good time. Naturally when youngsters are on board the whole ride is tamed down from what these boats can really achieve but make no mistake - they are still a thrill!

Still on the water but this time a bit more relaxing you may find a Family Voyager Canoe adventure just the ticket. Here you will join other families throughout the year taking Canadian style canoe trips along the stunning River Dart. Stop for a BBQ or a Picnic and just enjoy the scenery as you meander along. Let´s leave the final say on water activities to Ratty: "there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

With your feet safely back on terra-firma you might like to consider motor-sport activities for the kids. In Wiltshire there is a superb gravel rally circuit where teenagers from 14 years old can get behind the wheel with a Junior Subaru Rally Experience. Alongside a qualified rally instructor they will really get to throw these awesome cars about.

Another great activity for kids is a Pop Party Recording Studio experience. Popular with birthday parties, your child and up to 8 of their friends will sing their hearts out for 2 hours to the backing track of their favourite tunes with headphones, microphones and a real working studio.

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