This experience is about total relaxation. You will lie in a quiet, darkened room in a warm solution of Epsom salts, about 10 inches deep and so dense that you´ll float effortlessly. Epsom salts are made from naturally occurring minerals and have long been renowned for their health and beauty benefits, including easing stress and soothing muscles. The salts will prevent your skin from wrinkling and its detoxifying action means that your skin becomes silky smooth and clean. Gentle music will play to help you wind down, and you´ll drift into a near-meditative state of complete calm.

Hygiene is of the highest level with fresh Epsom salt rich water being renewed after each session. The float can reduce stress levels, alleviate aches and pains and with the ability to play hypnotic recordings into the float room, can be an excellent environment to tackle problems such as excess weight, smoking, drinking and phobias. After your float, you can use the shower and are provided with a clean towel, soap, shampoo and a hairdryer, plus a cup of tea!

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Gravity free float in a state of weightlessness, relax to a very deep level. Totnes

price £49.00

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A relaxation experience like none other. People claim they feel like they have a 'new body' afterwards.

Where can I do this experience?

Totnes, South Devon

Is the experience suitable for me?

When is it available?

All year round

What do I need to bring?

A selection of music is available to listen to whilst floating but you may wish to bring your own

How long will it take?

Alow 90 minutes for the full experience. The float is for one hour.

Will it depend on the weather?

Can friends and family come to watch?

Are refreshments available?

Enjoy a cup of tea afterwards.