Many off road experience days are either shared driving or have an instructor sitting next to you. Our totally awesome full day off road 4x4 driving experience near Cardiff is very different...
...because you will be in the vehicle all on your own - over a 6 hour day!!!
That´s not to say you´ll have to work it all out for yourself - far from it. Your highly experienced instructors will be close by giving you encouragement and advice but they will not be in the vehicle with you. It´s a totally unique experience and one which is proving to be immensely popular.
We don´t use brand new vehicles that we are terrified of getting scratched. These are REAL off road landrovers that have a sole purpose in life - to give you an incredible sense of freedom while demonstrating just how versatile and strong the vehicles are.
What´s more - you don´t even need to know how to drive! We´ll give you a lesson in clutch control and handling and then it´s over to you.
Within easy proximity of Bristol, Gloucester and Newport this awesome full day experience is like no other 4x4 off roading activity you will ever find.



Hold o tight! Full day self driving a totally awesome Landrover with expert guidance, this one is a bit different! nr Bristol.

price £250.00

Further info:


Awesome 4x4 course close to Bristol, Gloucester and Newport. Over a 6 hour day you'll be doing a huge amount of driving with the instructors outside the vehicle close by.

Where can I do this experience?

Within easy driving distance of Bristol, Newport and Gloucester.

Is the experience suitable for me?

Minimum age 18. No driving license or driving experience is required. Please note that as the instructor is not in the vehicle with you then you drive completely at your own risk and no insurance cover is provided for this experience. Full terms & conditions for this experience are available upon request which conform with current HSE requirements. Please note you will not be in the vehicle for the full 6 hours as others will be sharing.

When is it available?

Selected Saturdays mornings throughout the year. Group bookings of 6 or more can arrange other dates.

What do I need to bring?

Flat soled shoes and clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

How long will it take?

10am to 4pm.

Will it depend on the weather?

The wetter the better but may be postponed in extreme conditions.

Can friends and family come to watch?

Most welcome.

Are refreshments available?