Located in an old disused quarry with towering cliffs on either side, this 490m zip wire experience is reckoned to be the maddest in the UK.

Upon arrival you will meet the team who will securely harness you in then off you go - hurtling down this insane 50m drop at speeds of up to 40mph!

And with twin parallel wires cross the flooded depths of the quarry it makes this an ideal experience for couples or groups where two people can ride at the same time on different wires.

After your zip you can enjoy a leisurely dip in the quarry from the lovely beach area or have yourself a picnic in the totally peaceful (except when you hear the scream of the next rider!) surroundings.



The UK’s maddest zip wire is located in Cornwall with a 490m run. nr Liskard

price £18.00

Further info:


Totally awesome - probably the maddest zip experience in the UK

Where can I do this experience?

Cornwall, near Liskeard.

Is the experience suitable for me?

No age limit - youngest ever was 19 months. Oldest was 94! - Weight limits: 25kg - 155kg (55lbs - 253lbs)

When is it available?

From February half term open every weekend then open every day between Easter Weekend and October.

What do I need to bring?

Swimming costume if you want a dip afterwards.

How long will it take?

Just takes a few minutes but allow longer to enjoy the facilities.

Will it depend on the weather?

Only cancelled in extreme weather conditions

Can friends and family come to watch?

Most welcome but why not have a ride yourself!

Are refreshments available?

Drinks, pasties, sandwiches and cakes available to purchase.