Have you ever wondered about the ancient art of Falconry or what is meant by the term Husbandary? Then our Birds of Prey experience is without doubt the ideal experience for you.

From our impressive aviary in South Devon you will meet the the staff who look after these magnificent birds before being introduced to the birds themselves. We have a huge collection and you can choose up to 3 birds you would like to spend your time with.

Discover the differences between Hawks, Falcons and other Raptors and study there hunting methods, flying techniques and habitat. Learn about caring and conservation and understand the importance of good husbandary - weighing, exercising and diet.

Then it´s off to the fields to experience the thrill of flying and exercising the birds. Witness the agility of the Hawk and the unbelievable speed of the Falcon as it descends from high above and stoops the lure at over 100 mph! Donning your falconry glove the birds will fly to your hand - but remember... the Falcon is not a pet. Unlike a dog or a horse He belongs to nobody. His is the spirit above all others. He comes to you because he chooses to. His is the spirit of the Falcon!



A remarkable insight into the world of Hawks, Falcons, Owls. nr Newton Abbot

price £109.00

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Remarkable insight into Birds of Prey and the ancient art of Falconry. Fly up to 3 different birds.

Where can I do this experience?

South Devon near Newton Abbot

Is the experience suitable for me?

Suitable for all ages.

When is it available?

All year

What do I need to bring?

A love of nature

How long will it take?

3 hours

Will it depend on the weather?

All weathers but please contact supplier if extreme conditions.

Can friends and family come to watch?

Yes - donations welcome

Are refreshments available?

Coffee shop nearby in garden centre.